Witherley Parish Council

Serving the people of Atterton, Fenny Drayton, Ratcliffe Culey and Witherley

Casual Vacancy

Councillor for Fenny Drayton Ward.

Notice of Vacancy in the Office of Councillor

Witherley Parish Council – Fenny Drayton Ward


That, due to the resignation of Councillor Wayne Riley, a casual vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the Witherley Parish Council in the Fenny Dayton Ward.

If by 16 August 2023 (14 days excluding Dies Non, after the date of this notice) a request for an election to fill the vacancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer at the address below by TEN electors for the Fenny Drayton Parish Ward, an election will be held to fill the vacancy, otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option.

If an election is called, it will take place no later than 20 October 2023.

Dated 27 July 2023

Bill Cullen

Returning Officer

Hinckley Hub

Rugby Road



LE10 0FR