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Census 2021

The national census takes place on Sunday 21st March. Residents will start to receive their digital codes from today in the post and will be able to get support from of contact centres, or request paper copies online at www.census.gov.uk

Call the Census HelpLine on 0800 141 2021

Calling the Help Line
When someone calls the Help Line they will hear a recorded message and be given three options. The system uses interactive voice response to make a selection.
Option 1: Requesting a Paper Questionnaire
This is an automated service. The person calling will not need to speak to anyone if this option is used.

There is a unique reference number on each contact letter. This should be entered on the handset.

A paper questionnaire pack will then be dispatched.

Option 2: Hear frequently asked questions (FAQs)
These FAQs are changed over time according to demand.

Posted: Wed, 03 Mar 2021 16:34 by Anji Forsyth

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