Witherley Parish Council

Serving the people of Atterton, Fenny Drayton, Ratcliffe Culey and Witherley

Who We Are & What We Do

Witherley Parish Council consists of 11 elected or co-opted Councillors who serve for a four year term. All Councillors are in the role voluntarily.

The Parish Office is located c/o Cool Hill Farm, Sibson Rd, Sheepy Parva, Atherstone, CV9 3RE.

Council Meetings - are held the second Thursday of each month except August, when there is no meeting. See the calendar for more information.

Due to the covid pandemic social restrictions the Council is instructed to continue to meet using video conferencing technology available.

For further information relating to the services offered by the Parish Council please contact the Parish Clerk who will be happy to give advice and assistance.


Our councillors are elected or co-opted. If you would like to become a Councillor or find out more about what they do then please contact the Parish Office

Members Code of Conduct

  • Code of Conduct (PDF, 300 Kb)

    This Code of Conduct sets out the rules by which Councillors should behave while acting as a member of this Parish Council

Members' Register of Interests declaration forms are held centrally at Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council. You can find Witherley Councillors declarations by following this link: https://moderngov.hinckley-bosworth.gov.uk/mgParishCouncilDetails.aspx?ls=12&SLS=5&bcr=1



Created 1st May 2020 at an extraordinary Council meeting (minutes in documents).

Comprises of Councillors Cook, Flude, Conway, Robinson (Chairman) and Simpson, and co-opted member of the public Kay Alexander (previous Witherley NDP Steering Group Chairman).

The remit of this committee is to support the work of the Counci's consultants (YourLocale Ltd) and ensure the timely delivery of the Draft Plan to the Examination Stage.


The Personnel Committee is responsible for the management of staff who work for the Council, for recruitment, conducting appraisals, handling grievance and complaints, etc.

Comprises of The Chairman of the Council, and two Councillors.

Witherley Parish Council Standing Orders

Our Staff

Angela Forsyth

Angela Forsyth

Parish Clerk

Witherley Parish Council

01827 880548